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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Convert Smart Object and The Difference*editted

Understandable | Free Download | No sound | Low Quality(embedded only)

  1. File > New
  2. Put your own size.The size is for example purpose.
  3. File > Open > any picture
  4. Right click on background. Click "convert smart object"
  5. Layer 0 become "smart object".Look at the symbol.
  6. (Ctrl+T) for free transform.
  7. Shrink it!
  8. (Ctrl+T) again.
  9. Then,make it HUGE.
    * Dont forget to push ENTER
  10. Right click on "Layer 0".Then rasterize layer.
  11. Welcome back to original layer.
  12. Shrink it with the same method.
  13. Then resize it back.
  14. (Ctrl+A) for select all.Then drag to the other workspace.
  15. Good Luck. (^_^)

download here :
password :


Anonymous said...

thanx bro.sory xleh follow.xde account.haha

nickname: J said...

tp jgan lupa lawat2 selalu..
akan sentiasa update dan letak tutorial baru..


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